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Should I Have An Accent Wall?

What are accent walls? An accent wall is a designated wall in a room that's design is different than the first in that room. This can be a change in shade of color, material, patterns, or even texture.

Most rooms are painted with one color on every wall. However the trend of accent walls have been around for quite a while. Should you paint an accent wall in your home or office? We have listed a couple of Pros that come along with accent walls!

  1. An accent wall is a great way to give a room a fresh, new look.

  2. It is able to establish a focal point in the space. No matter who or what goes in, the accent wall with automatically be the first thing anyone will draw their attention to.

  3. An accent wall is able to make a small, cramped space, have the illusion that there is more space in a room than there actually is.

  4. They're able to draw attention to a part of the room that might be easily overlooked, such as a fireplace.

  5. Accent walls can also give a room a finished feel to it, making it feel welcoming and exciting.

  6. An accent wall is also able to act a decoration for a room that might not have much going on in it. For example, if you're dining consists of only a dining table and chairs, an accent wall might bring a new and uplifting flair to the room!

  7. An accent wall could compliment that lighting and feel of a room. If you have one light wall in a room of darker shades then you'll still be able to have a bright and airy atmosphere even with darker colors being the majority of the room.

No matter what your next project is, let HL Professional Painting paint your accent wall, or any wall at that matter! We are dedicated and experienced painters that work both residentially and commercially. Call us today: (973) 580-0080 or (973) 876-7802

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