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Choosing the Right Color

Possibly the hardest part of painting your new home or office is choosing which color you would like your new walls and/or ceilings to be. Finding the right color can be stressful and often times overwhelming, especially if you don't know how to begin. Here we have gathered a few tips in order to make your home feel more like you:

Create a few color schemes you think you would like

Creating color schemes is something pretty much everyone can do and it is fun. Having an arrange of colors that you know you would like or be comfortable with is extremely beneficial when brainstorming what you truly want. There are plenty of online resources to aid you in creating a great color scheme.

Do not be afraid to try something new

You're probably changing things up for a reason. If you are feeling adventurous, a pop of color might just be exactly what you need. Think about accent walls, colors that are really out there, and how you would feel about introducing them into your space.

Go neutral

On the contrary to what many people might think, neutral colors aren't only a "safe" option. Muted colors can give you plenty of freedom to be creative but could also give off a feeling of comfort in your home or office.

Think about furniture and lighting

How will the new color compliment the room? Color is all about light and how it reflects or bounces off of things. With having lighting and the things that will be placed in a room in mind, you will most likely be able to dial down your options on what colors you are willing to consider.

Do a bit of research on color theory

What colors fit well together? How can color impact how big or small a room looks? How does a certain color portray certain moods?

Another important part of painting is knowing who will be painting. Here at HL Professional Painting LLC, we provide services for both commercial and residential painting. Call us today at 973-580-0080 or 973-876-7802

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